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Our scope of work/services includes but not limited to following;

  • Cargo claims arising from damage, shortage, contamination etc.
  • Crew related claims such as injury, illness, death compensation, missing crew etc.
  • Damage related to hull, cranes, grabs, structure of the ship etc.
  • Passenger related claims.
  • Pollution, stowaways, wreck removal charterparty related to charterparty disputes etc.
  • Arrest of vessel.

We also undertake pre-loading/discharging surveyors’ supervision to best protect interest of members of the Associations in advance. To conduct such surveys for a fee, we have many competent surveyors at our disposal. We likewise verify and issue confirmation to Certificate of Entry for vessels covered by Non- I G Clubs and not reinsured with any of the I G Clubs in compliance with Government notification.




  • The organization has actively participated in removing the vessel named M. V. Vijay Jyoti from Mumbai Port premises in 1980, wherein permission to sail of the vessel was cancelled by Classification society. The vessel was imminent danger to other vessel lying afloat in the port premises and marine ecology. The same threat was averted by successfully removing the vessel and beaching the same.
  • The organization has also contributed in framing rules related to P & I entry rules for IG and Non-IG clubs while assisting Ministry of Shipping. In 2012 Ministry of Shipping ruled that Non-IG clubs will not be permitted entry into Indian ports. With continuous meetings and communication rules related to the same were discussed with D G Shipping and subsequently entries to few Non-IG vessels observed to be permitted.
  • The organization has also been instrumental in obtaining or observing and collecting precedents, through judgments, concerning the Indian Ports Act, Customs Act etc. for the purpose of informing clubs about up to date local laws and rules.
  • P & I Services has played a catalyst in the matter which led to receive judgment of Shaw Wallace & Co. Ltd. V Assistant Collector of Customs 1987 (3) BomCR 151. This judgment has been boon to the Shipowners/charterers/agents who were earlier penalized for short landing even of negligible amount of cargo. The practice of trade allowance discussed and accepted in this case to a satisfactory extent.


To epitomize the organization is fully equipped to assist Shipowners not only with regard to claim or claimlike situation but are also able to provide information needed by Foreign Shipowners/Charterers, as the case may be, concerning the legislations, port practices, receivers etc.