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With the advent of nationalization of Banks and other industries, Management of New India Assurance Co. Ltd. decided to cease to be correspondents of International P & I Associations. This paved the way for independent organizations to enter into the business of Correspondents. Responding to challenge foundation of P & I Services of India was laid.


  • Established as a partnership firm in May 1970.
  • Founded by Mr. R. K. Mehta and Late Capt. Aga.
  • Firm became operational from 1st May 1970 having offices at Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata
  • Corporatized in 1981 as P & I Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Presently headed by Mr. S. K. Mankad.
  • With increased shipping activity arrangements were made to provide services at Kerala.
  • An IATA travel agency, Mazda Travels Pvt. Ltd was taken over by the company in 1999 to augment company revenue and proper utilization of company’s reserves/profits.
  • To enter into brokering business a new company was formed as subsidiary to P & I Services Pvt. Ltd. named as Mankad & Associates Insurance Services Pvt. Ltd.